Ujiha Kotobuki Supreme Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha


First Harvest Organic Pesticide Free Ceremonial Grade Matcha: Embrace the Zen of Matcha with Ujiha’s Kotobuki

🌿 Supreme Quality, Unmatched Experience: Step into the world of unparalleled elegance with Ujiha’s Kotobuki Matcha. Sourced from the revered tea fields of Uji, Japan, Kotobuki is the epitome of first harvest, ceremonial grade matcha, perfected by generations of the Kobayashi family’s expertise.

💚 Rich in L-Theanine, a Symphony of Health: Every sip of Kotobuki Matcha is a harmonious blend of wellness and flavor. Rich in L-Theanine, it offers a serene, focused energy, enhancing your mental alertness and calming your spirit.

🌱 Organic Legacy, Pesticide-Free Promise: Cultivated with a deep respect for nature, Kotobuki Matcha is a testament to sustainable, organic farming practices. Enjoy the purity of matcha free from pesticides and full of healthful benefits.

🍵 Exquisite Flavor, Vibrant Color: Kotobuki Matcha is distinguished by its vibrant green color and a flavor profile that is both robust and nuanced. Its smooth texture and profound umami undertones promise a matcha experience like no other.

🌐 From Ancient Fields to Your Cup: The journey of Kotobuki Matcha is a story of tradition and excellence. From the ancient tea farms of Uji to your cup, every step is a testament to quality and heritage.

Elevate Your Tea Ritual: Kotobuki is more than a tea; it’s a ritual, a moment of tranquility in your busy day. Whether whisked traditionally or enjoyed in a modern recipe, Kotobuki elevates your matcha experience to new heights.

Discover the art of matcha with Kotobuki — a symbol of longevity, health, and the exquisite beauty of Japanese tea culture.

🌟 Indulge in the luxury of Kotobuki Matcha by Ujiha. Order now and transform your daily routine into a ceremonial escape.


First Harvest Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha

A Heritage of Excellence and Purity

Welcome to the world of Ujiha Kotobuki Matcha, where the legacy of the Kobayashi family blends seamlessly with the art of organic matcha cultivation. Nestled in the heart of Uji, Japan, our Kotobuki Matcha represents the pinnacle of first harvest organic ceremonial grade matcha.

Organic Matcha: A Promise of Health and Harmony

From the first flush, first harvested in the spring, from the most revered Tana grown tea fields, our Kotobuki Matcha is a symbol of our unwavering commitment to organic farming practices. By choosing pesticide-free matcha, we ensure that each cup you savor not only enriches your health but also respects the delicate balance of nature.

Pesticide-Free First Flush Ceremonial Grade Matcha: A Pure, Luxurious Experience

Kotobuki Matcha is not just any organic matcha. It’s a first harvest, ceremonial grade matcha that’s entirely pesticide-free, embodying a richness in flavor and a legacy of purity. Grown from the esteemed Okumidori cultivar, our matcha offers a sweet, fine powder with a creamy texture, unmatched by any other.

Kotobuki: A Testament to Sustainability and Quality

Ujiha Kotobuki’s mission goes beyond providing the finest organic ceremonial grade matcha. We strive to make this luxurious tea a daily indulgence for everyone. Kotobuki is our testament to making high-quality, pesticide-free ceremonial grade matcha affordable and accessible, breaking the barrier that once made such exquisite tea a privilege of the few.

A Unique Legacy in Matcha Cultivation: The Tana Technique

Discover Kotobuki Matcha, where tradition and innovation intertwine under the gentle shade of the “Tana”. In the heart of Uji, Japan, our organic ceremonial grade matcha is cultivated using the unique Tana method, a canopy-like structure that covers our tea fields. Standing about 6 to 7 feet above the ground, this technique is a testament to the skill and care unique to Uji’s tea-making art.

Tana: The Secret to Unparalleled Aroma and Sweetness

The Tana technique, unlike the Jikagise method, provides a nurturing environment for our tea leaves without directly covering them. This superior approach ensures less stress on the tea plants while offering protection from heat and intense sunlight. The result is a matcha with an exquisite noble aroma and elegant sweetness, characteristics that are only produced through this meticulous process.

Experience the Refreshing Environment of Tana Fields

When you step under a Tana canopy, you’re enveloped in an invigorating atmosphere, a direct result of the tea leaves’ “breath”. This unique environment not only rejuvenates your mind and body but also imparts a distinctive quality to our Kotobuki Matcha, making it a premium choice for those seeking pesticide-free ceremonial grade matcha.

Organic and Pesticide Free Kotobuki Matcha: A Reflection of Nature’s Harmony

Our commitment to the Tana shading process reflects in every sip of our Kotobuki Matcha. It’s not just organic matcha; it’s a celebration of the harmony between organic cultivation practices and nature. This technique, exclusive to the Uji region, ensures that our Kotobuki Matcha stands out with its smoothness, umami, and minimal bitterness.

The Tana Difference in Every Cup

Ujiha Kotobuki Matcha is more than just pesticide-free ceremonial grade matcha. Yes it is a first harvest, first flush, handpicked in the spring, and only the nutritious fresh new buds and leaves are harvested. But it is more than that. It’s a symbol of dedication to traditional methods and the pursuit of unparalleled flavor. Experience the difference that the Tana shading technique makes in our organic matcha, bringing you a taste of Japan’s rich tea heritage.

Embrace the Kotobuki Way

Join us in a cup of Kotobuki Matcha and savor the essence of Japan’s matcha culture. With Ujiha Kotobuki, you’re not just choosing a tea; you’re choosing a lifestyle of health, balance, and connection with the ancient art of tea-making.

From Organic and Pesticide-Free Fields to Your Cup

Every leaf of Kotobuki Matcha is carefully harvested, steamed, dried, and stone-ground, preserving its natural sweetness and umami. This process ensures that when you choose Kotobuki, you’re choosing a tea that is not just a drink, but a celebration of life’s simple joys and the art of Japanese tea-making.

Embrace the Natural Organic and Pesticide-Free Way of Life

Ujiha Kotobuki invites you to experience the heart and soul of Japan’s matcha culture through our Kotobuki Matcha. It’s more than just a tea; it’s a lifestyle choice for health, balance, and longevity. Join us in a cup of Kotobuki and embrace a life in harmony with nature.

Ujiha Kotobuki Story: Experience Timeless Vitality

In the verdant hills of a serene Japanese village (near Uji), there was an ancient tea farm known for its exceptional green tea leaves. The story of our new matcha product begins here, where tradition meets innovation.

For generations, the Kobayashi family has tenderly cared for their tea plants, respecting the land and its natural rhythm. Their commitment to organic farming was not just a choice, but a legacy passed down through the ages. They believed in the harmony of nature and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

As the world evolved, so did the challenges. People everywhere were seeking ways to improve their health and well-being. The Kobayashi family realized they had a treasure in their hands — their organic green tea leaves, rich in antioxidants, known for boosting the immune system, mental alertness, and improving heart health.

Inspired by this, they began experimenting with a new kind of tea processing, focusing on creating a matcha powder that retained all the health benefits of their organic leaves. After years of refining their techniques, they finally crafted a matcha powder that was not only rich in flavor but also packed with health benefits.

This matcha was different. It was grown without pesticides, preserving the integrity of the soil and the health of the ecosystem. Every sip of this matcha was a testament to the family’s commitment to the planet and their customers’ well-being.

The Kobayashi family decided to name this special matcha “Kotobuki”. The name “寿” itself, meaning longevity, became synonymous with a life well-lived — healthy, balanced, and in tune with nature. As word spread, Kotobuki Matcha became more than just a tea; it became a symbol of a lifestyle, a choice for those seeking to nourish their bodies and souls in the most natural way possible.

Kotobuki Matcha quickly became known not just for its exquisite taste and health benefits but also for its story — a tale of a family’s love for the earth and their passion for improving the lives of others through their organic, health-boosting tea.

Ujiha is proud to bring this exceptional Kotobuki Matcha from the ancient fields of Uji directly to you. We are honored to share the Kobayashi family’s legacy, connecting the world to the heart of Japan’s matcha culture. From the farm to your cup, experience the journey of Kotobuki Matcha, a blend of tradition, health, and the spirit of longevity.


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