A Heartfelt Thank You from Ujiha to You, Caroline!

Dear Caroline,

We are absolutely thrilled to see you’ve embarked on your matcha journey with our Ichi Matcha. It’s customers like you who inspire us to continuously bring the best of Japanese tea culture to the world. To express our gratitude and to enhance your matcha experience, we have a special gift just for you.

🌟 Exclusive 30% Off on Your Next Treasure from Ujiha 🌟 As a token of our appreciation, we’re delighted to offer you an exclusive 30% discount on your next purchase from our website. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore our diverse range of premium matcha or perhaps find a new favorite!

Here’s How to Redeem Your Offer:

  1. Visit Ujiha’s Website.
  2. Browse our collection and select the matcha that resonates with your taste.
  3. At checkout, use the code CAROLINE30 to enjoy a 30% reduction on your purchase.

Why Explore More with Ujiha?

  • Discover New Flavors: Each of our matcha varieties, from the robust to the delicate, tells a unique story of heritage and craftsmanship.
  • Elevate Your Matcha Ritual: Whether it’s for a morning refreshment or an evening unwind, find the perfect matcha to suit every moment of your day.
  • Experience Authenticity: From the lush fields of Uji, our matcha is a direct link to the heart of Japanese tea culture, promising an authentic experience with every cup.

We’re Here for You If you have any questions or need recommendations, our team is always ready to assist. Your satisfaction and joy in the matcha experience are what drive us.

Join Us Again on This Flavorful Journey We can’t wait to have you back. Remember, your journey with matcha is not just about a cup of tea; it’s about embracing a lifestyle of tranquility, balance, and cultural richness.

With warm regards and anticipation,

The Ujiha Team