About Us

Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha you can trust

Purely Organic, Pesticide-Free, Authentically Japanese


At Ujiha, we prioritize your health and the planet’s wellbeing. Our matcha is grown organically, free from pesticides, ensuring a pure and safe product. This approach not only enhances the quality and flavor of our tea but also protects the environment. With Ujiha, enjoy a cleaner, greener matcha experience.


Packed with antioxidants, matcha offers numerous health benefits. It boosts metabolism, enhances focus, calms the mind, and provides sustained energy. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll, matcha supports detoxification, strengthens the immune system, and promotes healthy aging. Its unique combination of compounds promotes heart health, aids in weight management, and supports overall well-being. Embrace matcha for a vibrant and nourishing lifestyle.


Our matcha is meticulously graded as the highest-quality ceremonial grade, ensuring an unparalleled tea-drinking experience. As a buyer, this means you are getting the finest matcha available, carefully cultivated and harvested from select tea leaves. The vibrant green color, smooth texture, and rich umami flavor are distinctive characteristics of our ceremonial matcha.


Uji in Kyoto, is an acclaimed region for matcha cultivation. Their unique geography, climate, and heritage of tea cultivation techniques yield premium matcha. This region’s inherited expertise manifests in matcha’s vibrant green hue, distinctive flavor, and velvety texture, thus setting a global standard for this cherished tea.

The Ujiha Story

A Symphony of Purity and Tradition

At Ujiha, matcha is not just tea, it’s a way of life. Our story is as much about our commitment to traditional craftsmanship as it is about delivering a pure, high-quality matcha experience.

Our journey began in the verdant tea fields of Uji, Japan, a region globally renowned for its supreme quality tea leaves. This is where we learned the art of growing and harvesting the tender, shade-grown tea leaves that give matcha its distinctive flavor and potent health benefits.

But we didn’t stop there. We envisioned a matcha experience transcending the conventional, where purity and safety were as important as taste and aroma. Guided by this philosophy, we set out to find the purest premium ceremonial grade matcha grown organically without pesticides but tastes great as much a a non-organic matcha.

Today, we take pride in affirming that each scoop of Ujiha Matcha is not only delicious but also bears the distinction of being 100% organic and free from pesticides. Our commitment to quality extends to our non-organic collection as well, where we’ve diligently obtained certificates of analysis and radiation testing.

Unwavering commitment to quality, health, and tradition

Ujiha, while inspired by the renowned tea fields of Uji, Kyoto, represents a testament to the supreme standards of ceremonial grade matcha, wherever it may hail from across Japan. Our name, Ujiha, pays homage to Uji’s rich tea history, and it sets the bar for the superior quality and taste profile we promise to deliver. Yet, it also speaks to our adaptability, honoring the ebb and flow of nature and the seasonality of tea harvests.

The spirit of Ujiha adapts to the rhythm of nature, sourcing our matcha mainly from Uji but we also have our friends in Kagoshima and other parts of Japan. Each region’s unique climate and geography imparts a distinct touch to the matcha, yet all adhere to the rigorous quality standards that define Ujiha. It is the dance between consistency and variety that sets us apart.

We believe that the essence of matcha lies not only in a single place but in the mastery of its cultivation and refinement. Whether our matcha comes from Uji, Kagoshima, or Shizuoka, it remains an exquisite, health-enhancing elixir – the zenith of matcha refinement. Ujiha, therefore, is not only a name but a symbol of matcha’s heritage and the standard we set for our brand.

In our quest to provide you with the highest quality matcha, we not only observe tradition but embrace adaptability, ensuring that each sip you take offers the perfect balance of taste, health benefits, and a connection to the cultural heritage of Japanese tea. This is our commitment as Ujiha, delivering the essence of Japan’s revered tea culture to you, cup after cup.

Mission Statement

At Ujiha, we are defined by our mission: to make the highest grade ceremonial matcha accessible to everyone. Our journey began with a profound love for Japan and its culture, and a deep appreciation for the art of the Japanese tea ceremony and matcha. As health and fitness enthusiasts, we understand the extraordinary benefits matcha offers.

We recognized that true quality matcha, rich in flavor and health benefits, was often reserved for those with significant budgets. This realization fueled our determination to change the status quo. We’ve taken matters into our own hands, personally overseeing every aspect of our matcha, from packaging design to guerrilla marketing, meticulous labeling, and even reducing our profit margins significantly.

At Ujiha, we believe in the democratization of matcha. Our commitment is to bring the beauty, tradition, and health benefits of pure, organic, pesticide-free, premium ceremonial matcha within everyone’s reach. It’s not just about matcha; it’s about building a community that shares our passion for this Japanese treasure, all while caring for your well-being and our planet every step of the way. Our mission is clear: to make 100% organic, pesticide-free, premium ceremonial grade matcha accessible, affordable, and exceptional for all.