Pesticide Free Matcha

Drawing from the rich heritage and unwavering dedication of Ujiha’s Kobayashi Organic Matcha, we unveil our “Pesticide-Free Matcha” collection, showcasing the esteemed Awa and Kotobuki matcha varieties. This collection encapsulates the purity and essence of Japanese tea culture, fostered by the Kobayashi family’s devotion to organic farming practices, refined over generations in the serene landscapes of Uji, Kyoto.

Ujiha’s Pesticide-Free Matcha Collection
Ujiha leads the charge in sustainable and organic tea cultivation, guided by the innovative spirit of the Kobayashi family. Their decision to reject all chemical aids marked a pivotal shift in the cultivation process, opting for organic methodologies. This transition was not merely about crafting safer tea but about embracing a lifestyle in harmony with nature—a philosophy deeply woven into every particle of our Awa and Kotobuki matcha.

The shift to organic cultivation brought its set of challenges, including significant crop losses and skepticism from the community. However, the Kobayashi family’s unwavering dedication to organic practices has not only preserved the ecological integrity of our tea fields but also ensured that every cup of Ujiha matcha offers unparalleled purity and flavor.

Awa and Kotobuki: Symbols of Organic Mastery
Awa Premium Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha: Revel in the mesmerizing froth and creamy texture of Awa, a tea that symbolizes sustainable cultivation at its best. With high levels of L-Theanine, it promotes a serene yet alert state, perfect for a tranquil morning​​.

Kotobuki Supreme Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha: Kotobuki represents the zenith of our organic efforts. Adhering to the Kobayashi family’s commitment to organic purity, this matcha stands as a testament to our pesticide-free ethos. Its superior flavor and vitality are a tribute to the meticulous care and tradition upheld by the Kobayashi lineage​​.

Embrace the Ujiha Tradition
Opting for our Pesticide-Free Matcha collection goes beyond the mere enjoyment of exquisite tea; it is an acknowledgment of a legacy steeped in sustainability, health, and harmony with the natural world. Our Awa and Kotobuki varieties are not just beverages but invitations to partake in the serene and pure essence of Japanese tea culture, enriched by centuries of wisdom and respect for the earth, as upheld by the Kobayashi family.

Embark on this flavorful and traditional voyage with us. Choose Ujiha’s pesticide-free Awa and Kotobuki matcha, and immerse yourself in the authentic essence of organic Japanese tea. Each cup is a step toward a more sustainable and harmonious existence, echoing the Kobayashi family’s commitment to quality and environmental stewardship.

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