Ujiha Awa Premium Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha


Experience the Magic of Froth with Ujiha’s Awa Matcha

Unparalleled Frothing Quality: Witness the enchanting dance of creamy foam topping your cup, a signature trait of Awa Matcha. It’s not just a cup of tea; it’s a spectacle of texture and grace.

🍃 Rich in L-Theanine: Find your zen with every cup. Awa Matcha’s high L-Theanine content offers a calm yet alert state, perfect for meditation, yoga, or as a gentle start to a busy day.

🌱 Organic and Pure: Sourced from Uji’s pristine tea gardens, Awa Matcha is a testament to organic, sustainable farming. Enjoy a cup that’s free from pesticides and full of nature’s best.

🌟 Accessible Luxury: Embrace the ceremonial grade experience at an accessible price point. Awa Matcha is crafted to bring the best of Japanese tradition to more tea lovers around the world.

🌀 Perfect for Matcha Lovers and Newcomers: Whether you’re exploring the world of matcha or looking to elevate your tea ritual, Awa Matcha is designed for everyone. Its ease of whisking and smooth taste make it ideal for various culinary creations.

Join the Ujiha family and immerse yourself in the frothy delight of Awa Matcha — where every cup is a journey to the heart of Uji’s tea culture.

🍵 Order now and step into the world of Awa Matcha, your frothy escape to tranquility.


Experience Organic “Awa” Matcha: A Ceremonial Grade Whisper from Uji

cup of awa organic ceremonial grade matcha with uji tea farm background

Organic Matcha, A Journey of Purity and Tradition

Embark on a journey with the Kobayashi family’s “Awa” Matcha, a beacon of organic, ceremonial grade matcha excellence. Harvested from the pristine, pesticide-free fields of Uji, Japan, “Awa” Matcha is a testament to a time-honored legacy, now accessible to the discerning tea enthusiast seeking purity in every sip.

Exceptional Okumidori Cultivar

“Awa” Matcha, crafted from the esteemed Okumidori cultivar, provides a unique balance of sweetness and umami. Grown under the Kabuse method for over 21 days, it boasts a creamy texture and a vibrant hue, embodying the essence of organic matcha.

Slow Ground for Superior Quality

The beads mill grinding process of “Awa” Matcha results in an ultra-fine, sweet powder. This meticulous technique enhances the frothiness and smoothness, making it ideal for both traditional usucha and contemporary latte creations.

Experience the Full Spectrum of Matcha

Each batch of “Awa” Matcha, harvested in May from Uji’s first flush, is steamed, dried, and refined with care. Our matcha scores highly in color, sweetness, umami, and smoothness, while maintaining minimal bitterness and astringency.

Savor the Purity of Pesticide-Free Matcha

Indulge in the healthful embrace of “Awa” Matcha. Our commitment to organic, sustainable practices means every batch of our ceremonial grade matcha is free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, offering a pure, unadulterated matcha experience.

Craftsmanship Meets Organic Excellence

Discover the unique craftsmanship behind “Awa” Matcha, where organic practices meet ceremonial grade standards. Each batch is carefully prepared to preserve its natural, pesticide-free quality, resulting in a frothy, creamy texture that’s both visually stunning and a hallmark of its superior organic purity.

The Craft Behind the Cup

“Awa” stands apart with its effortlessly frothy, creamy top layer—a testament to its purity and the family’s mastery. Each sip is a symphony of robust flavors, whisked into life by centuries-old techniques. Rich in L-Theanine, “Awa” Matcha offers a serene yet focused energy, perfect for any moment of your day.

Unparalleled Quality in Every Whisk

Experience the rich, verdant hues and silky texture of our premium organic matcha. “Awa” Matcha is not just a beverage; it’s a ceremonial grade delight, meticulously ground and packed with the utmost care to preserve its organic integrity and exquisite flavor.

Ujiha’s Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Awa Origin Story

Deep in the heart of Japan’s lush landscapes, near the mystical city of Uji, the Kobayashi family, renowned for their “Kotobuki” Matcha, embarked on a new journey. With generations of expertise in tea cultivation and a desire to bring the wonders of ceremonial grade matcha to a wider audience, they crafted “Awa” Matcha.

“Awa” Matcha emerged from a passion to create a ceremonial grade tea that maintains high standards while being accessible to more tea enthusiasts. The Kobayashi family applied their deep knowledge and innovative techniques to cultivate a matcha that, while more affordable than “Kotobuki”, doesn’t compromise on the ceremonial grade experience.

The magic of “Awa” lies in its froth – a creamy, rich layer that forms effortlessly upon whisking. This froth is not just aesthetically pleasing but also a testament to its quality and the skill behind its creation. The Kobayashi family believes that every cup of “Awa” Matcha is a celebration of the joy and artistry of traditional Japanese tea-making.

Rich in L-Theanine, like its predecessor “Kotobuki“, “Awa” offers a tranquil yet focused energy, perfect for those moments of reflection or a peaceful start to the day. Its flavor profile is both robust and inviting, making it an excellent choice for both seasoned matcha drinkers and newcomers alike.

In their quest to make ceremonial grade matcha more accessible, the Kobayashi family has not only expanded their legacy but also opened the doors of Japanese tea culture to the world. “Awa” Matcha, with its delightful froth and exceptional quality, invites everyone to partake in this centuries-old tradition, bringing a piece of Uji’s tranquility to everyday life.

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